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Bugs and Enhancements



I will fix all bugs reported to me provided enough diagnostic information is provided. When reporting a bug please provide the following :-
  1. Operating system (version vendor)
  2. Version of SAS
  3. Version of Python
  4. CGI2SAS config files
  5. Relevant snippets of SAS logs
  6. What you were doing at the time (dont send me your app)
  7. As much detailed information as possible

Submitting a bug fix
Even better! Thanks...

Feature Requests
I am happy to add new features to CGI2SAS. However CGI2SAS provides CGI services for SAS, all new features will be limited to that scope.

OS Support
I can only test CGI2SAS on Windows (I only have a SAS windows license). If you want CGI2SAS to work on other operating systems I will have to work with you. The easist way is for you to provide me with a shell account on a test server. If that is not possible I will need time from you to test changes before they are commited to the main code base.

Any contributions will be greatfully received and full credits given. All contributions will be released under the GNU GPL license.