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Change Log



1.0.4 – 2003/01/28
664805 Add goptions=reset
Reset 160 or so SAS options after end of transaction. See GETOPTIONS.SCL for details

1.0.3 – 2003/01/21
New feature in the broker to rename services
Add check to make sure all port numbers used are unique
Fix Error Page HTML
Add extra checks when reading config file
671778 Add ODS PATH RESET at end of transaction
671898 Add ODS LISTING, ODS SELECT ALL, ODS EXCLUDE NONE at end of transaction

1.0.2 – 2003/01/19
Add better error messages to cgi2sas.py (broker)
Add option to install.conf for windows to allow logs to goto user defined directory
Send error messages from the load manager to the win32 event log
670049 - Incorrect version of cgi2sas.conf was generated by the install program
670050 - Fix minor abend in cgi2sas.py

1.0.1 – 2003/01/10
Started to update documentation

1.0.0 – 2003/01/01
Support connecting to multiple load managers
Minor fix's

0.9.16 – 2002/12/28
New Log View application
Fix for sas sockets dropping data
rename session_timeout to reload_session
compile broker.exe (adds the config parameters into the program)
clean "kill" of sas.exe in windows

0.9.10 – 2002/12/16
Support for Win32 Services
removed management interface to stop / start sessions
added timout
added session timeout
tidy up connection scheduler (cgi2sas_mgr.py)

0.5.5 – 2002/09/10
Tidy up debugging code in SCL
Move internal data from macro variables to SCL lists
Add UNSAFE processing
Threaded host-manager to stop/start services on that host. A thread runs in the background monitoring the SAS sessions. If any fall over they are restarted automatically
Basic management interface to start / stop sessions (host-mgr .py)
Detect stopped SAS sessions and flag them for non-use. A seperate thread checks to see when session becomes available. Stops CGI requests "hanging" on a bust session.