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SAS License Issues
A standard SAS license only permits employees and contractors to use SAS.

CGI2SAS was originally designed to allow developers to test SAS/Intrnet apps on their workstation. In this case there were no license issues as the developer already had a SAS license. Now that CGI2SAS is flexable and stable enough to run on a production server the license issue has become a little more complicated.

If you use a third party SAS web product for an Intranet application your current SAS license should be sufficient. If you what your SAS web application to be available on the Internet then you may have to obtain an "uplift" license from SAS.

SAS are not consistent world-wide on this. In the UK say uplift license and you get very blank looks. In the US SAS will ask for more money.

Please check with the SAS Institute if you have any doubts. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING SURE SAS IS LICENSED CORRECTLY.

Do I need to learn Python
No. All you need to know is SAS. Programs can be written in base SAS code, or SAS/AF SCL programs.

Do I need SAS/AF
No. The SCL programs required for CGI2SAS come pre-compiled (on windows). If you want to have a look at the source, but dont have SAS/AF then the SCL programs are available as text files in the ./sas folder.

Can I use Microsoft IIS
Yes. After installing Python, you have to configure IIS to run Python scripts. See http://www.e-coli.net/pyiis.html for instructions. In your HTML you will have to call broker.py, rather than broker.exe. If you are trying to run existing SAS/Intrnet programs via IIS using CGI2SAS then you will have to convert the code to use broker.py

Whats the difference between the POSIX and NT versions
Nothing, except the source files are the correct format to display in an editor.

The _webout doesnt display correctly in the log viewer what gives?
This is a bug in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and below. IE Does NOT honour Contect Type: Text/Plain